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Dragon Lake profile

2019/2/16 20:56:31
Nanning Yang Xin Valley Hotel is funded by Guangxi Longmen Water Tourism Development Co., Ltd., entrusted solely with the international and domestic senior amphibious hotel occupational management team management, spending huge sums of money to build rooms, catering, recreation, entertainment, conference and exhibition, tourism Vacation, spa health, scenic features and other functions in one, leading the Guangxi region, with eight scenic characteristics of the Bay Area cultural tourism resort spa health hotel.
The hotel has all kinds of comfortable and elegant, different styles of rooms; for 1500 people dining at the same time, the Chinese restaurant and elegant decorated elegant banquet hall; 500 conference at the same time a large international conference center, hotel management efforts and national energy conservation, Low carbon and environmental protection concept to adapt. Containing future humanities, science and technology and environmental protection in the hotel industry mainstream elements, highlighting the hotel's unique temperament and charm.

Chongqing Auwi Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Jiangbei Airport / Yubei Airport
Address:Chongqing · Chongqing · yubeiqu - No.2 Qilong Road Yubei District Chongqing 401147 China | 1.69km from Metro Station:Dalongshan