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Sofitel Lianyungang Suning profile

2019/2/16 20:56:29
Nestled in the CBD, Sofitel Lianyungang Sunning is knowned as a new luxury landmark with complete facilities around. A total of 41 floors of high-rise building incorporates a strong French elegance and culture;Relax in the stylish rooms and suites equipped with the latest inroom technology. The room is ideal for work, rest and entertainment, Sofitel MyBed offers a high level of comfort while allowing guests to stay connected.Through the Cousu Main service and create the fantastic moments for guests via careful attention to every detail.Sofitel Lianyungang Sunning invites you to experience French elegance and savoir-vivre right in the heart of the city!

Chongqing Auwi Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Jiangbei Airport / Yubei Airport
Address:Chongqing · Chongqing · yubeiqu - No.2 Qilong Road Yubei District Chongqing 401147 China | 1.69km from Metro Station:Dalongshan