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Haihe Wenhua Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:55:32
Tianjin Haihe Wenhua Hotel built in accordance with water, beautiful environment, Tianjin Haihe Wenhua Hotel is a set of conference, leisure, entertainment into one comprehensive hotel.Tianjin Haihe Wenhua Hotel has all kinds of furnishings elegant rooms, dining and conference hall. The guests can enjoy the hotel unique heavenly bed double cushion mattress top sleep experience; dining area with Chinese and Western restaurants, Japanese restaurants and coffee shops, let you enjoy the unique feast; meeting area is provided with a banquet hall, multi-function hall, conference hall and a VIP Hall, size each are not identical, to meet the different size meeting the demand; the Tianjin Haihe Wenhua Hotel for the courtyard style building, courtyard around, can provide a venue for outdoor wedding. In addition, the third floor of the hotel with windows SPA vision indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness center, bars and other facilities,Tianjin Haihe Wenhua Hotel is a good place for you to relax, leisure and entertainment.

Chongqing Auwi Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Jiangbei Airport / Yubei Airport
Address:Chongqing · Chongqing · yubeiqu - No.2 Qilong Road Yubei District Chongqing 401147 China | 1.69km from Metro Station:Dalongshan