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Guangzhou Nanmei Osotto Recreation Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:55:28
Guangzhou Nanmei Osotto Recreation Hotel is a set of rooms, catering, business, leisure, entertainment for the whole chain of leisure theme hotel. Located in the Guangzhou airport road traffic hub area. Convenient traffic, subway stations, bus stations, freeway entrance be close by.; trade facilitation, travel Baiyun Mountain scenic area, Yuexiu Park, the Nanyue King Tomb Museum, Sanyuanli anti British monument, the sculpture park and so on this convergence. Business area of 18000 square meters, adequate parking spaces. Comprehensive management by Hongkong yuan ecological leisure theme hotel management Co. Ltd., according to the international standard decoration, style style, very modern; well-equipped, comfortable and warm, to meet the different needs of individual, company, leisure and business travel accommodation, leisure and entertainment, is, health care, business talks a good place.

Chongqing Auwi Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Jiangbei Airport / Yubei Airport
Address:Chongqing · Chongqing · yubeiqu - No.2 Qilong Road Yubei District Chongqing 401147 China | 1.69km from Metro Station:Dalongshan