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Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:55:19
Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel stands on the Banks of the qiantang river, is located in hangzhou binjiang emerging central business area. Building up to 45 layer as a whole. Adjacent to the qiantang river, surrounded around qianjiang new town, binjiang new town, Olympic sports center three CBD, overlooking the stunning Jiang Jinghe city garden. Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotell transport facilities at the same time, the distance of catering, shopping and entertainment in one of the avenue of stars a few steps away. To the famous attractions, the west lake, xianghu lake, lingyin temple, six harmonies pagoda, is very convenient.Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel near 2016 China hangzhou at the G20 summit venue, hangzhou Olympic sports expo city (hangzhou) international expo center and to undertake the B20 take-away activity in 2016.
Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel in front of the nearby shoot tide "and" Qian Jianglong bronze giant carved from afar constitute qiantang river Jiang Ji online signature art scene.

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Chongqing Auwi Hotel traffic info

Business zone:Jiangbei Airport / Yubei Airport
Address:Chongqing · Chongqing · yubeiqu - No.2 Qilong Road Yubei District Chongqing 401147 China | 1.69km from Metro Station:Dalongshan